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My blog (click above) is about Zen. Zen is for those who want to go further than stress-management, and further down the path to Self-realization and higher spiritual states of consciousness and understanding.

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If you have any specific questions regarding hypnotherapy or personal development that you cannot find from the pages on this website, please go ahead and . For more information on who I am and my general philosophy of life and personal development, please go to my About Me page. Also visit my Ezine Archive Page

Apart from the books and hypnosis CDs, books and MP3 soundtracks, the information on this site is free and are for those who are interested in discovering more about their personal potential, stress management and even spiritual nature using hypnosis and Zen meditation, known as zazen. What I have written on this website, is for information purposes only and not meant to be a substitute for any form therapy, medical or otherwise. If you feel your problem is of a medical or of an intense psychological nature, please visit your doctor or therapist.

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