Things Getting Worse Before Better

By Derek Ayre


As you develop a higher state of awareness, things may tend to feel worse. This is almost bound to happen and is a sign of your spiritual growth and development, as you begin to experience how difficult you have made it for yourself in certain areas your life.  However, even though you may not realise it, things are actually becoming substantially improved. Now you are beginning to live with greater awareness and this greater awareness is bringing to light your self-created problems.

At this point it is important not to resist. Not to try and get rid of your difficulties.  There is an important 'rule' to follow here. The rule to accept and observe. The more you can allow something to 'be', the more it will allow you to 'be' - thus the easier it will transform.

If you are in pain or discomfort, you need to realise it is not permanent. (Obviously, for physical pain, you are strongly advised to seek medical help and advice). But there will be change. There is ALWAYS change. In life, change is the only thing that is constantly occurring on a moment to moment basis. This is something we don't get to 'vote' on. Change occurs. That's it!  Things change! Get it now?

The only choice that you have is whether you will resist or accept the changes that occur. Acceptance can  be said to be beginning of mastery. Don't know how to accept?  Well then do the following exercise...

Write down the question "How can I totally accept the flow of my life?" on top of a sheet of paper, or word processor. Muse over it for a few moments of how you are going to do it.  Then start writing EVERYTHING that comes into your awareness. I mean everything, not just those things that make sense.. If you prefer, you can sit down with closed eyes and ask the question over and over again for about an hour. One word of warning here... Don't expect to 'receive' an intellectual answer. The 'answer' comes in experiential form. A 'knowingness' that cannot be intellectualized and you will probably find you cannot put it into words either. For with 'real' understanding, words are inadequate.

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