Fear and How Guided Meditation Can Help

 Living in fear or in depression can be more crippling than many physical ailments. While your body is perfectly okay, you aren't able to live life as you should because of your unquiet mind. You may have a certain phobia, such as the fear of crowded places, or you may be clinically depressed due to a traumatic event in your past.

 Whatever anxiety or psychological distress you may have - it can be the most difficult thing you have to face every day.


 Looking Into Meditation

 There has been growing research as to the countless benefits of meditation on negative emotions and thought patterns. This ancient practice has proven to be a very beneficial tool to help people with anxiety problems, anger, and even depression. And lastly, meditation has been shown to help people conquer their fears.

 Bringing yourself in a state of deep relaxation can lower stress levels, giving you a refreshed and rejuvenated mind and body. Oftentimes, you get so caught up with work, your career, and personal life that there are just too many thoughts in your head.

 Taking 10 minutes every day to quiet your mind, relax, and focus on a specific thought can do fantastic things to your well-being, even being able to conquer fear.

 A Guided Meditation To Get Started

 You can choose to opt for solo or guided meditation. Though doing it on your own is the main goal of meditation, following a guide can help you get started and acquire better skills that you can apply by yourself once you become more comfortable.

 Guided meditations come in 2 forms:

  1.  through a live teacher  
  2. through an audio recording

          To help you conquer your fear, the best thing is to meet a teacher who will help you meditate privately.

 Following a guide doesn't mean the teacher will do the job for you. A typical one-on-one guided meditation would start with the guide telling you to clear your thoughts. Then he will guide you to relax - teaching you breathing exercises to bring your mind and body to a deep state of calm. Once you are fully relaxed, the guide can then begin to suggest certain imagery regarding your fear.

 Once you're done with the guided meditation, you will feel refreshed and more relaxed. Though one session will not make your fear disappear, you now have better coping skills to deal with any psychological distress brought upon by your fears.

 If you encounter yourself with the object of your fear, remember the things you did while meditating - deep breathing to help with your anxiety and the thoughts to better control your negative emotions.

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