The Benefit of Color

by Derek Ayre


There is no doubt about the fact that color has an effect on our moods and emotion and, if used constructively, color can truly enhance the quality of our life. The main problem in modern times is that many of us have lost our sensitivity to the wonderful world of color.

One of my first experiences of the power of color was way back in the early eighties. I had got into a conversation with a colleague (a naturopath), on the benefits of meditation and creative visualisation. This resulted in him inviting me to his home one evening for the purpose of experimenting with creative visualisation with several other like-minded people. He said they had been having some quite remarkable results altering moods with the power of color. So I went along to see what he was up to and I was not disappointed.

We had used various meditation techniques, not unlike the procedures I used in my own hypnotherapy practice. Then we added what best could be described as color visualisation exercises in which we "absorbed" various colors into different parts of our bodies. As we changed colors from blue, to green, to red and other various shades, I could literally feel my moods changing. There were times when as a result of the color meditation I felt energised, then relaxed, then sleepy, then refreshed.

As I drove home that evening I felt remarkably refreshed even though it was the end of a very busy workday in which I had seen a lot of clients. Color meditation obviously worked and is something that I have used in my own therapeutic procedures ever since with equally remarkable results.

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Specific Colour Beliefs

The Color Green:  is said to be neutralising and calming and enhances the mental qualities of inspiration and illumination.. It is said to act as a calmative on the mind and nervous system. The music of Mendelssohn is believed to be connected to this colour and can produce a feeling of empathy in the listener in meditation.

The Color Blue: is believed to be cooling and soothing to the nerves and blood and enhances the spiritual and psychic abilitie and higher apiration. Violet (part of the blue "family") can enhance artistic abilities and nurtures the "higher mind". It is claimed by some that to meditate under a violet color is to improve the ability to reach spiritual enlightenment.

The Color Yellow: is claimed to act as a mild stimulant to the mind and have a purgative effect. It is believed to lift the spirits of those suffering with depression and low negative states of mind.

The Color Red:  is believed to have a stimulating effect and is a good colour for those who are convalescing after a fever although it is best used in small amounts with some people as it is stimulating to the nervous system.

Outside of Meditation

The fact that the color of our rooms, houses, clothing etc. can have an effect on our moods and well-being is a very convincing argument for the power of color.  But it must be said that everyone is affected differently by various colors. Some colors that would attract one person, may repel another. 

Also, inferior products that come in attractively coloured containers often out-sell their superior competitors. How many times have you heard someone say that a product is good, but the packaging is inferior?

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