Panic Attacks

by Derek Ayre



Can You Change Your Nature?

Most parents notice that from a very young age, a child can be withdrawn and shy or boisterous and extrovert. But does our genetic emotional inheritance determine our emotional responses for the rest of our life, or can we change our nature?

As a therapist, I fully believe you can change your nature or anything about yourself, including panic attacks, if you commit to change by facing the panic attacks and experiencing your fears directly. You do this by standing your ground and staying in touch with all your feelings about the panic attack whenever it arises. This actions reduces panic attacks more and more each time you do it.  But what is needed here is trust that your panic attack is really not going to hurt you, regardless of what "messages" you are receiving from your subconscious mind. In fact, if you just stand your ground and ride out the panic attack as it were, there is a strong chance that your subconscious mind will reveal "reasons" of why you are experiencing such panic attacks that may make you feel like you want to run away!

Because reasons for panick attacks are often coming from way back in childhood, the moment they are enter the conscious mind, they are exposed to your "adult" analytical ability and you will know that the attacks no longer apply to the present day situations that seem to be triggering the panic.  

Little by little, as you open yourself up and keep in touch with your feelings about your panic attacks, you should notice them getting weaker and weaker in intensity as the emotional mind learns by repetition that nothing terrible is going to happen to you and then gradually you are released from your fear of having the panic attacks.

Please note: Please note: The above article is for information purposes only and not meant to be therapeutic. If you feel you have a problem with anxiety/stress, you are advised to contact the appropriate health practitioner.

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