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Mary A. Writes..

"I experience that when I am lost, you assist me find the way. When I am alone, you are there to hold my hand. I trust you absolutely. I know you are a being of infinite unconditional love. There are times now, when I feel totally safe with you.

How do I see you?   You provide a means of mental and spiritual healing, personal empowerment and enlightenment, by awakening zen consciousness. You have the ability to trigger my emotions and my ego for therapeutic purposes, then when I defend myself, to wrong foot me at every turn.

To ask penetrating Qs which empower me, by confronting my weaknesses.. and move me from externals to internals. To be an uncomfortable mirror moving me from victim to master.

Mental, emotional and spiritual healing, personal empowerment and enlightenment, by awakening zen consciousness."

L.Davies Writes..

Dear Derek,

"I write to thank you for helping me overcome my anxiety. I feel now that I am able to cope with life. Although I occasionally get relapses of depression, I feel strong enough to commit myself to changing my worldview and living life to the full."

J.Celik Writes..

"I've been deeply into Zen for the last couple of months. Derek has been assisting me in re-discovering myself and the way I make sense of the world.

He gives me wings to be exactly the way I am, and I'm experiencing *liberation*. He is such a wonderful person that I just do nothing but flow with him (Never discount the possibilities of cybernetics :)) ).

I used to have opinions about 'acceptance', 'at-one-ment', 'awareness', 'releasing control' and 'reality'. Now I've realized how ignorant I've been with all those thoughts in my head. With true acceptance I've completed my relationships that needed to be completed. Awareness of breathing in and out with all that is breathing is an indescribible joy. Awareness of the way I am and the way I do things is mindfulness. By releasing control, I've realized the abundance in myself and in the 'present'. And reality!! When I told Derek that reality is not as I thought it to be, he said that he forgot the count of the number of people who said that."

Liane Writes..


This has taken me a while to send  this off, but I think it's never too late to say thank you.

Thank you for all your help and support, as I feel I couldn't have made it without you. You sorted my head and put me back on track.

Much love.


Although, many on-line participants claim to have had therapeutic benefits, on-line enounter is not designed or meant to be therapeutic in nature. It is for those who wish to grow and develop their self potential and self-awareness. If you feel you have a psychological/medical problem, we strongly advise you to contact your appropriate practitioner.

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