Hope and Belief

by Derek Ayre


So, here I am working hard to accomplish things in my life, recognizing the transience of my sense of achievement, filled with the feeling of hope that evolves into belief.

So what is this hope and belief that we rely on so much?

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Hope is there in the midst of nagging doubts. Belief is there in the midst of smaller nagging doubts.

So if your life is filled with hope, it cannot filled with the experience of success.

If your life is filled with belief, it feels a little easier, but it is still not filled with the experience of success. Belief and experience are not the same thing.

The mind can be trained to live in hope and belief. Many positive thinking techniques do just this, but very little else. According to these schools of thought, all that needs to be done, is to visualize and affirm on a regular basis, the desired goal as if it's already been achieved. But if you get to believe prematurely, that you feel the satisfaction of achieving your goal, you may never achieve it in concrete reality, because the subconscious mind, acknowledges the visualized goal has been reached and will act as if it has.

This can lead to the abandonment of effort. You could then become very laid back. You might well be convinced that you enjoy this feeling, but how long will your enjoyment last once you realize you are not achieving anything because you are believing too much?

Hope and belief is in the realm of  'non-experience'. It is a concept of reality and not reality itself.  In a way, hope and belief is there because you are not certain that you will get to be where you want to be, or get to achieve what you want to achieve.  So, through positive thinking you start to try and believe in your impending success with all your might. When you accomplish this you may feel a little more convinced, but not totally convinced.

For instance, you are going for a job interview, you manage to convince yourself you'll get the job. Therefore, you believe in yourself. But.... Someone else beats you to it, and your belief in yourself becomes shattered and you devolve to hoping all over again.

Hoping that God, your guardian angel, your spiritual guides or whatever else you believe in, will help you out. As unpleasant as this may sound, the truth is that hope and belief are easily destroyed by concrete, everyday reality.

Look, you may be so indoctrinated with the necessity of these two mental functions that you may be losing track of what I'm saying here and I fully acknowledge that this is a lot to take on board. Let's look at another analogy...

You have a problem. Your T.V. won't work. The last time this happened, it cost you a lot of dollars to get it fixed. The repair man guaranteed the repair he carried out. But what if something else has gone wrong? You hope it hasn't.  You start to fill with feelings of despair, hoping you will be able to get it fixed ready for your favourite program tomorrow.  But hope gets you nowhere, so you try to make yourself believe that the T.V. will miraculously turn itself back on again, so you flick the switches and play with the remote, all to no avail.

This belief may even give you a sense of surprise that is still won't work.  Then you start to believe the worst. It will cost you another fortune to get it fixed.  The belief  then starts....

Once TV's go wrong, they always go wrong. Belief and hope seem to get you closer and closer to your worst fears.  Suddenly, there is a spark of wakefulness. You look at current reality, and there lying in front of the TV set is the power plug. You could have sworn you plugged it in, but slowly realize that you have plugged in your music centre instead.. With this realization, what you have done is transcended hope and belief, which were drip feeding your mind with the worst kind of scenario, and looked directly at current reality as it is, and solved the problem.

So what does all this mean?

It means, that if you want to make a difference in your life, you always have to transcend all your hopes and beliefs and look at things the way they really are. This way you can have a much better chance of finding out what is wanted and needed to resolve all unwanted conditions in your life.

No, I'm  not telling you to dispense with hope and belief systems. In some cases it is necessary. What I am saying is that you don't need to be a slave to them. You do not need to have them dictate your actions any more.

You need to recognise that in order to make things work in life, that a belief that your plan can work will ebb and flow, but the real impetus to move towards the goals of that plan comes from commitment that is made after your beliefs have told you it is possible. An act of commitment needs to be like diving from a high board, the commitment is activated once your feet have left the edge and is hurtling towards the water. You don't get to turn around in mid-air even if your beliefs are screaming at you that the dive may not have been such a good idea after all.

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Derek Ayre is a registered hypnotherapist and practitioner of Zen. He has an ability to assist others on their path to greater self fulfillment and realization of their true potential.

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