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The Power of Music  Research suggests that there are powers that align the human mind with the cosmos, and they reside in music. Or, in more sinister ways music can also be used to cause mayhem...  continue reading.

Quit Smoking and Stay Quit It is easy to stop smoking, but staying quit is where it tends to get harder. Some people will quit for ten minutes, others for an hour, others for a day, others for a week, month, year or decade and then go back to it. It is that strong an addiction... continue reading

Spiritual Guides? According to many people we are guided by spiritual beings - guides that ensure we fulfil our life's obligation. I prefer to maintain a healthy degree of scepticism but... continue reading

Stress - An Ancient Solution  Did the indigenous people of thousands of years ago suffer from stress to the degree that we suffer today? It is generally not thought so, so I believe ancient knowledge can help us give meaning to our lives today and help us manage our stress... continue reading

Tibetan Living (Book Review). The Tibetan Art of Living is not usually a book I would read, but I picked it up in a New Age shop on a recent visit to Glastonbury. After skimming through one or two pages a few paragraphs intrigued me. With this genre of book, each reader would get his/her own unique experience. Here's mine - continue reading

Gardening for Stress Relief by Susan Stewart In its purest form, gardening is about connecting with the earth and resetting our clocks to the simple, natural rhythms of life. Try as we may, we can't really speed up a tomato plant and make it grow by our time table... continue reading.

Supplements That Help Boost Brain Power studies have shown that regular intake of certain supplements increases the ability to memorize. There are many herbs, supplements and foods that can improve your brain; the effect of which can mean improvement of memory, learning, concentration, attention, reasoning, social skills, decision making, and focus. If you can combine these "brain foods" with sufficient rest and exercise, you will boost your brainpower in no time... continue reading

What Produces Stress?  - A Paradox  If you look closely at the way modern human-beings assess a life that is good, you would probably notice that success is regarded as good, regarded as a sense achievement. Nobody wants to just be... continue reading

When Things Seem to Get Worse ... As you develop a higher state of awareness, things may tend to feel worse. This is almost bound to happen and is a sign of your spiritual growth and development, as you begin to experience how difficult you have made it for yourself in certain areas your life.  However, even though you may not realise it, things are actually becoming substantially improved....  continue reading

Why Zen? If you are ready and willing to commit yourself to the Way of Zen, then it is one of the most powerful ways to transform the quality of your life that I have ever come across... continue reading

Why Meditate?  Meditators the world over have been found suffer a lot less stress and anxiety, can transcend pain of any sort, can rejuvenate themselves easier after exertion, can deal with sleep problems, fatigue and much else that is exacerbated by day to day life. And many who master the techniques, find improvement in concentration and other mental abilities.. Read more


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Yoga For Beginners (Review) Yoga For Beginners is just what it implies, it is for beginners. There are poses and stretches that really do de-stress your body and center the mind. And in my opinion, no matter where you're at when it comes to health and mobility, if you ease yourself gently into the exercises and follow all the instructions that are on the DVD, it may serve as a great boost to your health and vitality... continue reading.

Yoga: An Exercise for Everyone  by Guest Author, Allison Preston..  Yoga stretches tight muscles, builds body awareness, improves endurance, and calms the mind and body. But yoga is now attracting a younger audience who is finding out that yoga can be a fun way to exercise and relax... continue reading

Three Pillars of Zen (Book Review) Recommended for Zen Pracitioners... Zen is certainly not for everyone. It's rewards are hard-won, and almost possible to define with words, yet words are all we have to communicate on the internet. Zen communicates through experiential practices... continue reading

Zen: An Experiential Lesson  It is often thought that enlightenment rids the mind of imperfection, but this is not strictly true. Enlightenment needs to be thought of as the beginning of true personal growth... continue reading

Zen: Dawn in the West. (Book Review) Zen Dawn in the West is an excellent companion book to The Three Pillars of Zen, and it draws upon Roshi* Philip Kapleau's experience from delivering seminars, workshops and lectures in Zen... continue reading

Zen: Meditation on the Breath & The Benefits of Good Breathing Through the breath meditators can do remarkable things like lowering heart rate, blood pressure, warming their bodies in freezing condition and much more.. continue reading


Five Ayurvedic Suggestions for Attaining (and Maintaining) Your Ideal Weight by Shreelata Suresh Tired of dieting, fasting, and losing a little, only to put it back on a few days later? Try these suggestions from the ancient healing tradition of ayurveda for a more sensible approach to weight management.. continue reading

5 Minute Meditation - Return to Source by Avalon De Witt A short, 5 minute meditation, written by guest author, Avalone De Witt.  Read more...

Articles onSpiritual/Philosophical

Trusting Universe. Or Not! By Margaret Paul PH.D Faith and trust in a Higher Power are two different things.  Faith is about believing in God/Higher Power even though there is no proof. Trust is about noticing all the times that our Guidance has come through for us in big and little ways, and living our lives according to this truth... continue reading

What Are Chakras by Jeff Hudson chakras are responsible for energy flow in that it can flow from one area to another. Chakras are linked to the normality of life in that the sound, the color and light all bond correctly with these energy centers. During healing the objective is to balance chakras, by aligning them correctly with a primary role of understanding nature as it is in relation to creation and the purpose of the humans in nature... continue reading.....

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